I am taking a photography course once a week here in Torino. The lessons are quite interesting but unfortunately most of them have us sitting in a classroom, listening to our teacher and taking notes.
Not yesterday… yesterday we hit the studio for a lighting workshop. We had so much fun!!! We took turns behind and in front of the camera (… wait till you see the pictures my classmates took of me…).

We tried 2 different light-sets, one with 2 fluorescents light and one with a flash and a bank (I am not sure these are the names in English) and it was really really interesting. I think I will take a couple of extra hours in the studio to experiment more.

I love this picture: I love that Roberto is taking very seriously the mesuring but is also amused and happy of hiding the the holy grail aka the light-meter, I love that there is light-meter involved, such a professional tool (not mine, of course…), I love that I am taking the class to begin with and finally I love this challange cause I feel that I am really stepping-up with my photographies.


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